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Update Account InfoBilling SummaryPay Bill OnlineUpdate your latest telephone number and mailing address Verify your last payment, check your current amount owing on the account and confirm when the next payment will be dueMake a payment by using a credit or debit cardCity Services Bill On-lineView BillProvides access to water consumption historyWater Consumption InfoCustomer Services ApplicationsPaperless Billing SIGN UP for Paperless Billing or switch back to U.S. Mailfor more informationWater Services Customer ServicesCreate Credit LetterThe credit letter is a summary of your payment history for the last twelve months of service at a property. If you have not been at the property for 12 months, the letter will only cover the time period you have been there. It will state the number of months (up to twelve) and how often your account was delinquent.Create Billing and Payment HistoryThis letter contains billing and payment information for the last twelve months of your account. If you had the account for less than 12 months, the letter will reflect those months of information.